Tu Negocio Online,  Hecho Facil – BOOK .  Is a step by step guide on how to start an online business. Spanish Edition – Published by C. A. Press -Penguin Ramdom House

Mi libro Tu Negocio Online, de la serie Hecho Fácil! es la guía práctica para quienes tienen las ideas pero no la experiencia de crear y lanzar sus productos al mercado online. Disponible en Amazon y Barnes and Noble – An ecommerce store dedicated to sell a nonsurgical nose lift alternative. For over a decade NoseSecret had position itself in the US market and internationally as the brand for the “Instant nose job in a bag”, featured and mentioned on NBC-Good Morning America, E-Botched blog, Bobbie Thomas Buzz, Buzzfeed, Michelle Phan and other Social Media – YouTube  gurus.  A blog packed with information, work live experiences, resources and how to live a happy healthy entrepreneurial life. A good to go place to share and see how others juggle family and business under one roof. . – Solo web marketing started as a blog for Solo e-business owners. Due to the number of inquiries wanting to work with our creative team, Solowebmarketing  works now with a handpicked group of clients providing Online Marketing services, ecommerce store design, content writing and Social Media professional services.

Fab-Preneur Project . – Is a networking program to cheer the entrepreneurial spirit. The New York city chapter meets once a month to share stories and advice with other like-minded solo entrepreneurs in the area.

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