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"Despite the challenges of building a business and raising a family, I defined success in my terms. Hi, I am Fabiola; author, entrepreneur, and a mom of two. Here is how I turned my idea into a business and how you can do it, too."
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Here are the tools you need to turn your passion into profit and enjoy a purposeful lifestyle.

"Moving forward is only possible by taking some steps backward,to regain confidence and overcome the fear of failing.” Fabiola Diamond


Fabiola Diamond.-Digital Marketer, author, and CEO of Fab-necessities LLC.

"In my role as an author, entrepreneur and web marketing adviser, the one that keeps me going, it is the role of being a mom. Spending quality time with my family, fulfilling my professional carrier while building financial independence is my priority.

Let’s talk about business while keeping your family a number #1 job. Join the Fabpreneur community to share valuable information on how to turn your passion into a business, and learn how to be a Solo business owner on a budget."

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I am looking to inspire, encourage and guide you to build your dream business. My tracked record of being an e-business owner speaks volumes. Here are some of my projects.:
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