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About Fabiola

I am an author, entrepreneur and digital marketer.

I help non tech-savvies to start their online businesses so they can profit from their careers and passion while working from home.


It all started when…

Like you, I planned to follow the path of success, find a corporate job, build a career, retire, and live life happily ever after. Circumstances changed, and motherhood made its called. I decided to go against the odds and take a detour to raise my family and define success in my terms.

I am an author, entrepreneur, Digital marketing passionate, and a mom of two. After owning my online store for over 10 years I have a thing or two I have to says you can save on the mistake I made and profit from the hits I had.

Before starting my online bussiness, there were challenges, doubting moments and long hours of hard work;no one said it was easy, but it was all worth it.


The journey

Before it all started, I also worked in Corporate America after the Grad school years.

Transitioning from being a journalist to become an entrepreneur was not a stroke of luck. It was a commitment to build a lifestyle that had infused professional growth while keeping the family my number one job.

After having my first child and determined to be a stay-home mom, I decided to put my Digital Marketing experience to work and a build my online business.

My first product, still well-known worldwide, was something so simple but with a great potential. I didn’t invent the wheel; I made the version of the wheel better. In a couple of years, I was making a six figures income, on my schedule, and in my terms.